Banos Metro

50% love it
Plenty of services
Finnish (dry) sauna? Turkish (steam) bath? Massages? Sling rooms? Bear parties? This bathhouse in the Bellas Artes district has everything you could ask for in a clean, but still dungeon-like facility.


    • LuigiWashDC
      LuigiWashDC Over a year ago

      On the downhill slide?
      This place needs a thorough scrubbing down! Went several times and every time there were greasy condoms and used toilet tissues laying around everywhere. Warning! Most of the "play spaces" are totally blacked-out dark and maze-like. All of this said, the staff were friendly and helpful. The customers were in their 20-50's in equal numbers. Some pretty hot group scenes if you don't mind not seeing who or what doing you! ;-)

    • niclas
      niclas Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ok sauna.
      Small but ok clean place. They were doing some reconstruction for a new dray sauna and some in the shower area. Staff were nice. A small cruise area and a few cabins two video rooms. No pools.